Bradley Lewis Foster Marketing Masterclass

Learn how to think like the best marketers in the world. Bradley Lewis Foster spent 15 years working for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, AT&T, MillerCoors, and The Oscars, in addition to consulting hundreds of small businesses and startups around the world. He created award winning strategies at Amazon and AT&T and was the first marketer hired at Amazon Freight, launching their first marketing campaign. In this marketing masterclass you will learn how to create marketing strategies like a marketing expert. For the first time, you can learn how top marketers at the best brands in the world think about marketing. This course is perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers of all levels.

Each module is 1.5 - 2 hours with four total modules. Modules include:
-What is Marketing?: The philosophy and methodology used by the best brands in the world
-The Approach: How to strategize like marketers at Amazon
-Channels and Platforms: What you need to know to be successful buying media
-Performance: How to experiment, diagnose, interpret, optimize, and report